2015, video accompanying the exhibition ‘Lindy Lee - The Dark of Absolute Freedom’, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane.
Lindy Lee's work came to prominence in the 1980s and has evolved in tandem with key developments in Australian art, including the turn towards Asia. The first major survey of this artist's practice, ‘Lindy Lee - The Dark of Absolute Freedom’ exhibition explores Lee's acclaimed early photocopy work, and the work that evolved following her embrace of Buddhism and her Chinese heritage. Also included are recent works in which she employs pyrographic techniques to evoke the infinity of the universe, and compositions comprising flung bronze. Works have been sourced from a range of public and private collections. Curator: Michele Helmrich This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Supported by Gordon Darling Foundation

2018, Lindy Lee ‘Life of Stars’. Time-lapse video Credit: Rob Scott-Mitchell.
Situated at the entrance of the Art Gallery of South Australia, Lindy Lee’s six-metre sculpture The Life of Stars links the Art Gallery of South Australia and its exterior forecourt. Fabricated by Lee in China, the work features a densely perforated surface and dappled luminosity. Together they suggest a universe within, while its oval form recalls the beginnings of life itself. Visible by day and night, The Life of Stars appears both to contain and radiate light. This delicate play between interior and exterior, form and emptiness is significant. The concentric circles upon its surface evoke, moreover, Indra’s net – a vast radiating web that connects points of light across the universe.


2011, Lindy Lee talks to Fenella Kernebone, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art After Hours

Renowned contemporary Chinese-Australian artist, Lindy Lee talks with Fenella Kernebone from ABC Art Nation about ancient Chinese traditions that have survived in contemporary society.

2015, Lindy Lee’s public artwork project underway in Chinatown Sydney.

Video created by City of Sydney, part of the City of Sydney Chinatown Public Domain Plan.